Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Osprey feeding time...

Just a little shot from out the window at work today. This osprey was enjoying his dinner and had stopped for a break. You'll notice he still has his fish clutched in his claws.

Sunday, February 25, 2007

Carnival Revisited...

Had to man the Girl Scout cookie booth...but did escape to grab a couple daytime shots.
Ferris wheel by day...

...a couple of other rides.

Love Bug the clown. She is a friend of ours.

...and what is a carnival with out silly souveniers?

...and my son Stacey coming down the Super Slide.

...canoes waiting by the side of the lake.

...and we came home to find this parade going across the street in front of our house. There was about 2 dozen of them. Happened to have the camera in the seat by stopped and took a shot. They flew off when I had to take the corner and come on down the street.

Saturday, February 24, 2007

George Fest Parade

My goodness...two posts in one day, and probably more before the day is over. I'm home on a break between the parade and our turn to run the Girl Scout cookie booth.

Everone loves a hometown parade so here's a sampling from the Georgefest Parade this morning

No parade is complete without ...Flag Corps

...a King and Queen

Grand Bahia with Kissing Camels, Motorcycles and Funny Cars:

Clowns and MORE clowns...

Pretty Horses and wagons...

...interesting characters

Red Hat ladies...

Tricycle Brigade...

Ronald McDonald...

...the High School Marching Band

and you HAVE to have Baton Twirlers!

Don't forget the balloons!!!

...and a last glance down the road after the parade is over and the crowds have left...

Saturday! ...just trying to catch up.

Been a long, long week with sick kids and a VERY tired me. Today was the first day I've slept late in I don't know how long. I could still use some more to catch up...but there are places to go and things to do.

My youngest is selling Girl Scout cookies at a local festival called the George Fest. It is the longest running festival in Florida and the second longest running festival in the United States. There is always a carnival and days of boat races, parades and special events. This year makes 105 years. I'm headed out the door in a few to get pictures of the parade this morning.

...but first here are a couple from the carnival there last night.

...I also took time to play in the music store while my girls were taking their lessons. Here's a couple taken in the low lighting of the store..using only a monopod. I like the graininess of them when I converted them to black and white.

....another local festival is the Dragon Boat races that will take place in about a month. Here's a local team out for a practice run. They still need a bit of work on their form...

Last but not least for this posting is a picture of some buds on my pink Rose of Sharon. This is one case of the buds being being prettier than the flowers. This particular flower seems to start wilting and darkening almost as soon as it opens, and I've yet to get a good shot of the flowers...but I LOVE the buds!

Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Meet Sneakers...

I was going through some files that I hadn't worked up yet and found this one of my baby boy Sneakers that I took in B/W. If I had taken it in color, he wouldn't look any different. He is a beautiful black and silver gray.

Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Sunday drive...

Took a little drive on Sunday. Had to go to Oma's house to pick up Tori so we took the forest route.

...saw this boat and hot tub that the tornadoes dumped together on the side of the rode out in the middle of nowhere.

Then just down the road a bit, is the end of the path of one of the tornadoes that went through on Groundhog's Day.

It was a beautiful sunny day by mid afternoon and we pulled over at a little park on the St. Johns River so I could grab a couple of shots of the hundreds of seagulls that were on the river.

Monday, February 19, 2007

My Weekend Adveture...

Had to take a few days break from my blog...not that I wanted to, but the the fact that I had been sick and hadn't caught up on my rest, FINALLY caught up with me. PLUS the fact that I had to prepare to work on Friday and Saturday in Clearwater at Stampfest (a rubberstamping/art type convention).
I did manage to take out the camera a few times though and grab some shots.

This is one from our crazy adventure on Friday. It is usually just a bit over two hours for us to get to Clearwater from where we live. So my mom, my oldest daughter and I drop the younger two kids off at school at 8 and hit the road.

We are cruising nicely down I-75 when all of a sudden we hear a tire pop! POOF!! ACKKK!! Thankfully there is nice wide paved shoulders on the Interstate and we pull off to check the damage. Tire is I give AAA a call...cause this road is BUSY and I'm not standing on the side of it changing a tire with semis whipping past at over 70 miles an hour! After I describe to them where I'm at...what I can see, where I was headed, etc, etc...they say someone will be there in about 45 minutes. AHH...THAT we can we wait and wait.

Next thing you know they are calling me back saying they can't place where I am at....but they think that I am around mile marker 275. I tell them I am not we weren't near any of the mile markers for me to read and I could only read a blue sign ahead that says Rest Area 2 miles, the rest of the signs up the road were too far to read. One lady at AAA asked me to walk to the rest stop and get the mile marker #..and told her, NO I was NOT hiking two miles to the rest area and leaving my mother and daughter who could NOT walk that far in the van on the side of the road!

AAA advised me to call Florida Highway Patrol and see if I could get a better idea on just WHERE I was. It's not like I was off on some deserted road...GOSH I'm sitting on the side of a major HIGHWAY and no one can find me. FUN? NOT!!, to continue...

...after talking to FHP, they thought I must be around mile marker #277 and they would send someone out to check on us until AAA got there....and NOT to get out of our vehicle...which is OK by me, as I have NO plans of getting out of it! I call AAA back and tell them where FHP says we are, and they say no problem give them about half hour more and someone would be there.

....wait, wait...wait, wait and WAIT!!! ...a couple conversations with AAA later and still no one is showing up!

THEN a light bulb turns ON!!! DUH! I have my camera right there by me, with my zoom lens! LOL so I take a picture of the signs WAY down the highway that none of us in the van can read from where we are sitting, then I CHIMP it on the back of the camera and zoom in to read the next exit sign!!! YES we have a NUMBER!!! Exit 309! they are looking for me 30 miles OFF! Of course they are never going to find me!

Here is the shot that finally saved the day. LOL, wasn't looking for composition, white balance or ANY of those things. JUST SHOW ME A NUMBER!!!! LOL

...and a shot of my chimping view!!!

I call AAA back and FHP back and tell them where to find me. It still took a LONG time after that, as they were 30 miles south of me, and had to go almost 30 miles NORTH of me to get off on an exit to turn around and come back south to me. FHP arrived about 10 minutes before AAA, and very kindly checked on us to make sure we were ok and stayed until the truck got there.

AAA got us changed to my donut spare and the next part of our saga began. Limping along at 50 mph or less we had to go more than 50 miles to find a tire we had popped the tire way out between towns. Finally got to a Tire Kingdom and got the tire changed. (Why is it that even if they are NOT busy, and NO one else it waiting that it still takes an HOUR to change ONE tire. HECK they changed it out on the rim without even taking the van inside. They only pulled the van inside to actually put in on and to restow the donut)

...well to shorten an already TOO long of a story, we finally made it to where we were supposed to be about 4:30 in the afternoon. SO...what should have been just over a 2 hour drive turned into an 8 hour adventure. LOL, well it did get me out of 8 hours manual labor of setting up the booth...but I really would have rather been doing that instead of sitting on the side of the road being buffeted by the winds created by the semis blowing past!!!

(...note...halfway home on Saturday night, I have another big DUH moment. I had my laptop with me. ON that laptop I have Microsoft Streets and Trips AND I have a GPS that attaches to my computer that coordinates with the program. I could have popped on the laptop...attached the GPS and told them down to the lattitude and longitude where I was...or at the very least I could have found out what exit on the highway I was close to. AHH and LEARN.)

Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Project 30 - Day 30 - February 13, 2007 Here Comes the Rain Again!

Well they predicted severe weather this afternoon. Thankfully it moved thru fairly fast...but for a while the rain came down fast and hard!

Here comes the rain...


...and more rain!

...and after the rain...beautiful GLORIOUS SUN!!!

Monday, February 12, 2007

Project 30 - Day 29 - February 12, 2007

...another gray and dreary day. I am OVER them already! More severe weather warning are expected within the next 24 hours. Our storm ravaged areas can't take much hopefully things won't get too bad weather wise.

Today as I was getting ready to leave the office an elementary school was warming up the band in the rotunda. I took a peak over and took a shot at the ones on the xylophones

I have a couple Rose of Sharon bushes in my yard that have been there since we bought the house 14 years ago. This one has pretty white blooms and the other one has a bright pink bloom that looks totally different. The pink ones were looking all I'll wait until new ones open up before I grab a shot of them...but here is the white one.

While I was out prowling the yard looking for something to shoot....Momma decided to follow me around. Here she is exploring the trailer while she waits for me.