Saturday, February 10, 2007

Project 30 - Day 27 - February 10, 2007

Went out this morning with the kids to see if the otters were out...but there was no sign of them. While we were there we decided to walk down to the pier to see what we could see. The sky was bright and hazy and full of clouds. There just wasn't any real blue to the sky at all.

This is a little hawk that was posing nicely for me until a boat came by. He decided to fly just as I clicked the shutter, so I ended up clipping his wing. At least this way you can see how pretty he was.

It looked like this little egret could walk on water at first glance...but when you look close he is standing on two little twigs coming up out of the water. He was fishing. Poor thing, you should have seen him trying to keep his balance when the boats sped by and chopped the water.

There were a couple guys on the pier and one was casting for bait. I took a series of shots and made a fun animated avatar.

...and here's a single shot from some of the ones I took.

Here a neat view thru the pilings of the canal that runs under the highway.

...and Tori chillin' on the side of the highway by the bridge while I took pictures.

Here's a shot down the canal in the opposite direction. There was a couple of fishing tournaments going on and there were boats EVERYWHERE!!!!

We went home for lunch and to wait and see if the sun would come out. Well it did, WHILE we were home for lunch...but as soon as we headed out again, the clouds covered it back over.

Stacey're not pointing that thing at ME are you?

Here's a little heron that I found at a different park that we went to for the afternoon session.

Here's a shot of one of the piers and bridge across the lake in the distance.

I found lots of love's a couple of heart shots. I actually had a couple other shots from other places but didn't want to show off. LOL!

...this one was mowed into the side of the hill next to the Hospice House.

I couldn't get a good angle on this little egret, so instead I played with DOF and selective focus instead...


Patti and Larry White said...

what a nice day! still freezing here

Denise said...

MMMM, I'm jealous of your green grass and trees! Love the shots, and animated video is cool! I really like the one looking through the pilings.

Mike said...

I love that first one with the hawk and the piling one

Heidi Brand said...

The bird in flight is so cool, even it the wing is clipped a little. I does not actually bother me at all.

Anonymous said...

Anna.. Looks like you were feeling a bit better.. Great series of PICS!! Nice stop of the Hawk!! And the kids look thrilled.. LOL M

Huffy said...

Gorgeous day you had!! I think my fav is the one looking thru the pilings.... very cool one of the hawk in flight too!! I just made my first brush today... it took me forever to figure it out but I was so stoked when I finally got it!! :-) I can see why you turn so many of your pictures into brushes!