Thursday, April 24, 2014

Throwback Thursday

1958 - Roswell, New Mexico

Madelyn, Ivy and Anna

Saturday, April 19, 2014

More Art Journal Play

In the Heat of the Summer

Had a go at acrylic finger painting today in my Art Journal today.
I used the Week 14 Prompt for the Journal 52 Project  - Rain or Shine - which was to create a page about weather or your favorite season.
It also meets the Week 7 prompt for The Documented Life Project which was to draw a shape and repeat it multiple times.

I call this one "In the Heat of the Summer"

I've had a whitish page that's just been sitting in my art journal.  I say whitish because it was a page gone wrong that I covered up with gesso.  The original color was a green Silks glaze and it wasn't quite dry when I covered it in gesso, so it tinted the gesso just a tinge of green.  I had taken different size bottle caps and twisted a bunch of circles in the wet gesso and had left it to dry.
I've looked at it several time and wondered what I was going to do with it and so when I sat down at my desk today and opened my journal to that page, I decided I was going to give it a go.

I grabbed a cup of coffee and got to work!

It is starting to get a lot warmer here in Florida and I am looking forward to the hot summertime!
I thought the circles looked like circles of sun radiating heat, so the first thing I did was grab some heavy body acrylic yellow and smudged some color onto the circles.
You can see the imprint of the circles in the picture below.

Then I realized I didn't do the background first, so I roughed in a blue sky and then pulled out some heavy body acrylic red, yellow and green and swirled in some color in each of the circles.
I didn't stop to grab the camera, because my fingers were covered in paint and I was in the groove!!
You can see by the picture below that I also started laying in some white puffy clouds on top of the blue to add some depth.

Everything up until this point was don with my fingers, but once I got this far I pulled out my Fine Liner and my Acrylic Inks and added some lines and dots in red.

 I had a spot that was looking too empty so I decided to swirl in another circle of paint.  
This one ended up being the focal point of the page as I added more and more color.
More Fine Liner work with dots and lines in green.

Then I pulled out a Tim Holtz stencil and finger painted in some rays of sun.

First in yellow and then in orange.

Then I started adding some glow from the center with yellow and then green.
I used a swirl stencil and laid in a few white swirls coming off the sun and a black Montana Paint Pen to draw some loose circles around a few of circles.

More blending a tad more orange to my sun and along with using the Fine Liner to add some orange lines and swirls to some of the circles and I'm calling it done!

Art Journal Play

Grow Where You are Planted

Took some time to doodle and play in my Mixed Media Journal.
I doodled with Montana Paint Pens and colored with Inktense Blocks and Twinkling H2Os.

...and here is a couple of pages I did last week.  I had fun sling watered down acrylic paints!

Thursday, April 17, 2014

Throwback Thursday

Colorado 2006

Family Vacation 2006 

I think my hair must have been freshly permed because I still looked like a poodle!!