Thursday, February 01, 2007

6 Weird Things!

I swear I am NOT weird...but I've been tagged, so I guess I can come up with 6 unusual things. Although reading others lists, I find we have many things in common! LOL

1 I LOVE LOVE LOVE Godzilla movies.

2 I can witch water.

3 I know how to fiddle for worms.

4 I can roll my tongue, wiggle my ears and my nose! LOL

5 I eat DINNER for breakfast, and I'm not talking steak and eggs kind of thing. Give me meat and veggies! A salad will do too! I hardly ever eat breakfast foods.

6 I used to make my living clamming from a boat in Indian River below Melbourne, Florida.

NOW....really is ANY of that weird? :-)


Huffy said...

you can witch water???? please explain

Beth said...

Witch water? Cool!

I can roll my tongue, and wiggle my ears too LOL

Jax's Challenge said...

what is witching water?? huh? Never heard of that. And so far, I think you do have the strangest list. LOL