Friday, February 02, 2007

Project 30 - Day 19 - February 2, 2007 - The Day of Tornadoes

Well, this is what I woke up to today. After listening all night to it pouring BUCKETS of rain...I turn on the news to find that places about 1/2 hour east of me and 1/2 hour west of me are devastated!!

I work for the County...and our EOC command center is here. In fact half of the department I work in either run the center or work in it. So that was what we lived and breathed today. This was what I saw looking out my windows today as the new vans were lined up right below all in a line.

I had the news up on my laptop all day so that I could keep up with the news reports...

...and this was a shot looking down into the lobby below where part of the EOC were taking breaks and watching the newcasts on the large TVs outside the Commissioners Chambers. We've already had 19 confirmed deaths, and who knows what the weekend will bring as they continue to search through the rubble and destruction. I spent my last hour doing Well Check calls as people all over the nation were frantically calling to check on loved ones that they couldn't reach by phone.

I had to find a little beauty in my day while the girls were at music lessons I went down to one of my favorite little picture spots and grabbed a shot or two. The sky is still filled with clouds as there is more rain to come...but lets hope there aren't any more storms.



I'm so glad y'all didn't have any problems... I started the day with a text message from Melinda to check up on you! :) I really like the lake shot.. love the trees and the reflections in the rippled water. And I also like that shot down into the lobby... nice framing with the circular wall...


Glad you were ok. I had to call my folks and make sure they were ok. My aunt lives in the Villages, but she was OK too.

Margie is Challenged

Thanks for the call.. Glad you are all OK!! M


Glad you're ok. Tornados are such scary things!

Jax's Challenge

Hey, that devastation is awful. I was quite surprised to see all the news. Been watching it every moment I get. I hope they treat these people better than they did the Katrina victims.
So glad everyone is OK.
I have been pretty much out of it this past week and so I just want to comment on the red door. I love it! I would love to paint mine red too.

D Shoro

SO glad you are safe! Disasters like this are so horrible, they turn your world upside down in a blink of an eye!