Friday, February 09, 2007

Project 30 - Day 26

Saw this little bird and tree against the beautiful blue sky this I had to whip out the camera and take a shot. It was nice enough to sit and pose for me.

Here it is converted to black and white...this will be one I'll add to my brush collection.

Looks like my GBH is home again. I used to see him every evening on my way home...but during the Winter he must have found another hang out. Glad to see he was back today.

I did a black and white effect on this one too and will add it to my brush collection too.

...and just another dock and GBH shot.


deeya said...

Love the twigs with the bird... great shot... And I want to be the heron on the dock... just enjoying the view... :)

Melinda said...

twigs and birds - yep they are going to be great brushes - you are lucky to live in a beautiful area.

Anonymous said...

Hope you start to feel better!!! I just love the second from the bottom bird B&W.. NICE!! M