Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Project 30 - Day 23 - February 6, 2007 Blue Skies AGAIN!

Well, a lousy cold wasn't going to keep me from getting out in the first Blue Sky Day in a week! I had things I had to do at work, since 3/4 of my department is still working around the clock in the Emergency Operations Center. I knew today was going to be busy as contractors lined up for permits to start repairing the damage, and I would be needed. The governor even was here...but ALAS I didn't get to see him as I was upstairs in my office when he came to the EOC.

As I stepped out to a beautiful blue sky, I thought of you Dee when I saw the beautiful twigs of the tree behind us, against a wonderful blue I had to grab a shot!

This was my view out my window today...ahhh MUCH better than the dull gray skies I've been seeing. The birds were out along the shore as you can see in the bottom right corner...and the little white dots that look like they are in the lake are actually gulls flying.

Kids had appointments this afternoon. Here they are waiting... treat when we were done, they got to take a roll or two down the sides of the retention pond. LOL thankfully it wasn't full of water after the rain we've had.



Glad to see you had blue skies again... it really helps with the way you feel... GREAT twig shot... don't they look beautiful against the blue sky! My fav though is the one of Tori and Stacey on the couch... that's a great angle!

Jax's Challenge

All hail to those who shoot twigs. Beautiful blue sky. It's about time!
The past few days have been dull and gray.
The kids look like they had fun rolling down the hill.
Are you feeling any better with your cold? It seems that it's being passed around the bloggers......


What a beautiful day. That rolling down the hill looks like fun!

Margie is Challenged

Hope you feeling better this AM.. yes, Nice to see some blue and sun again.. I know .. I know, us Floridians are SPOILED.. LOL Great fun rolling down the hill.. M