Saturday, February 24, 2007

Saturday! ...just trying to catch up.

Been a long, long week with sick kids and a VERY tired me. Today was the first day I've slept late in I don't know how long. I could still use some more to catch up...but there are places to go and things to do.

My youngest is selling Girl Scout cookies at a local festival called the George Fest. It is the longest running festival in Florida and the second longest running festival in the United States. There is always a carnival and days of boat races, parades and special events. This year makes 105 years. I'm headed out the door in a few to get pictures of the parade this morning.

...but first here are a couple from the carnival there last night.

...I also took time to play in the music store while my girls were taking their lessons. Here's a couple taken in the low lighting of the store..using only a monopod. I like the graininess of them when I converted them to black and white.

....another local festival is the Dragon Boat races that will take place in about a month. Here's a local team out for a practice run. They still need a bit of work on their form...

Last but not least for this posting is a picture of some buds on my pink Rose of Sharon. This is one case of the buds being being prettier than the flowers. This particular flower seems to start wilting and darkening almost as soon as it opens, and I've yet to get a good shot of the flowers...but I LOVE the buds!

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deeya said...

Where to start... I told you last night I love love the ferris wheel.. I really like that flute in BW too... great shots!