Tuesday, May 08, 2012

Another Night at the Art Desk

More inky fun here tonight.  I really should wait to photograph and post until the mornings since the colors really don't photograph so well here at my art desk....but I'm usually too busy getting kids off to school, taking care of all the 4 legged babies in the house and me off to work to have to dig out the camera and blog. The colors are just a little bit too vibrant in the photo, but all in all they aren't too far off. 

I dug out my Distress Inks and my Marvy Matchables and my new handmade blending tools and had fun layering on the color.  I pulled down boxes of stamps from the closet and went searching through my word and quote stamps until I found some that spoke to me.  I've got BOXES and BOXES or stamps in the closet and it is so fun to pull them down and rummage through them!  Someday I hope to have shelves so that I can pull out my favorite ones and line them up so I can grab them easier when I want them.
I really enjoy my late night art time, when the house is calm and quiet.  It's my time to relax and unwind. I even managed to clean up my desk and tidy up once I was done.  Now it's time to put hte coffee on for the morning and call it a night.  Hope to be back again tomorrow!

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Barbara said...

I love this piece! Creative and inspiring. Thank you for commenting on my blog, and I'm glad it led me to your blog.