Friday, January 19, 2007

Project 30 - Day 5 - January 19, 2007

We were back to a beautiful sunny day again. It was a welcome sight after two days of dreary gloom and wind. I pass this lovely fence at least twice a day on my way into the office. It seems like it is always in full bloom and covered in beautiful flowers. So today I had to stop and take a picture or two.

This is the view out of one of my other office windows. I work in a round the view gradually shifts as you look from window to window. I tried to get a shot of the building as I walked in from the parking lot, but I blew out the sky, so I'll save that to try another day.

While Tori was at her piano lessons I drove down to the local boat ramp. I didn't have time to hike down to the fishing dock where I really wanted to take pictures, so I settled for this shot of trees along the edge of the lake.

Then back to the Music Store to pick up Tori from her piano lessons and take her to Girl Scouts.

WHEW! Back home again...and my day is almost done.

5 comments: said...

sounds like a busy day! I love seeing the progression of everyones days!!! Your part of the world is definately warmer and more colorful than mine is right now!!!

Denise said...

MMMM, love those flowers! Beautiful pictures, sounds like you had a busy day!!

D Shoro said...

I love those beautiful blue flowers, what a nice sunny day surprise!

Patti said...

wow, busy busy! pretty flowers!

deeya said...

My fav is the flowers on the fence... great composition with the fence post.... but I also love the balance in the office window picture. Great job as always!