Friday, January 26, 2007

Project 30 - Day 12 - January 26, 2007

It turned out to be a beatiful sunny day today. Still a bit on the cool side for me, but not bad enough to keep me off the lake. I don't think I've ever seen it as blue as it was today.

I pass this little private pier every day. Pulled over on the right-away and took these pictures. I'd love to get closer but it private property and posted. Next time I see someone there I'm going to stop and see if I can't get permission to at least get closer to the dock so I can get better shots of the birds that like to sun themselves there.

Then after work I took the girls to their music lessons. I took a little time to play while I was waiting to pick them up. Ran these through Raw Shooter and a couple different filters in PS.



I love the birds... but my favorite is still the guitar.. I love that shot and now have to go find a store that will let me play with their guitars and my camera! Great job on the high key on the chimes too..

I love the guitar!!! Looks like a fun way to pass the time waiting for the lessons!

Patti and Larry White

wow anna. these are gooood! love the guitar. i think the birds are commorants and they like to sit with their wings out. loved them when i was in florida.

Margie is Challenged

Cool shots.. I do also like the Wind chimes.. Great Shot.. M

Heidi Brand

The lake does look nice and blue.

I too love the guitar shot...great composition.