Thursday, January 25, 2007

Project 30 - Day 11 - January 25, 2007

Whoo Hoo!
Hard to believe it has been 11 days already!

Just another regular day at the office...well except that we did have a birthday luncheon for one of my co-workers. Didn't feel like shooting food shots though.

On my way home I stopped at the park again and got this shot. I saw the couple out on one of the docks, and saw that they were nicely framed through the trees, so I pulled out the camera and grabbed a few shots.

I knew what I REALLY wanted to shoot today, but had to wait until after dark so I could get what I wanted. I drove downtown after the shops had closed and set up my tripod and took this shot through the barbershop window.

I wandered on down the sidewalk a bit and found this wonderful little arrangement in another shop window. The Peddler's Wagon is the neatest little home decor shop. Smelling of cinnamon when you walk in and home to at least 2 shop cats, this little shop is a thrill to the senses. I must got back during the day to see if they will let me shoot some of their arrangements.

...and last but not least, this little alley runs behind the theater where my daughter studies. The theater is the oldest in the state with real flyloft, etc. and a delightful place to go. The little town hosts street parties the first Friday of every month...and that evening will find this little alley filled with people and street musicians.


deeya said...

Love your shots today.. I think you did a great job with framing on the first shot... but my favorite is the barbershop... what a great ol' time shop! said...

These are great shots! I love the one of the couple on the dock framed with the tree!!

Jax's Challenge said...

love that you went back out and shot thru the store windows. I would love to see the barber shop and the alley way in BW with strong contrast. I love these the best.

Denise said...

How neat that you went back after dark--the pictures are fabulous. Ditto on what the others said about the framing of the first shot--really cool.

Beth said...

I really like these Anna. I'm surprised you didn't get the barber pole LOL.