Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Project 30 - Day 16 - January 30, 2007

This is Momma Cat. She adopted us a couple of years ago when she needed a home for her kitties. She's guarding a lizard that she'd been playing with and wasn't quite sure whether I was after it or not.

We are having our two weeks of Winter these days with cold, gray skies and blustery wind. What a difference it makes down at the park...

This is the same little willow that I posted about a week ago...only now it has been bitten by the cold and turned all brown and sad...


Patti and Larry White

i saw on the news the cold temps in florida!! we are colder..nyaaa nyaaaaa.
ok so single digits is depressing..maybe i can get out next week. nice shots.


Love the gull on the post - I actually have one that looks like that from the UK

Heidi Brand

It is so refreshing to be able to see green grass, even if it is just in a picture.


Love the bird on the light post! We're supposed to have snow tomorrow night. YUK, I'm ready for spring!


I know what you mean about the grey and cold.. we keep having intermittent grey days... but they are all cold (at least for here)... 40's today... up from the 20's yesterday.. I want spring! Love the bird on the sign... sad about the willow tree!


Oh come on now...don't bust my bubble... I just don't want to think of it as cold there!!! In my mind you are still at least 77!!! :-)


I haven't had a chance to check blogs the last few days, and your shots look great. And I don't want to hear complaints about your temps! LOL.

Jax's Challenge

Today wasn't such a bad day. The sun was out. Maybe the sun didn't come out up north by you, Anna...... tomorrow will be brighter.
Hey, that sign....... a good thing they put that there or nobody would know where the ramp ended!


I really like the composition of the one with the bird on top of the ramp sign. Great job!


Just 2 weeks? You poor thing.

I like the bird on the ramp sign, too. Something about that photo...

I've tagged you, by the way. (see my blog)