Saturday, June 09, 2012

The Sky is Falling!!

What a way to end a day...

My oldest daughter has braces and can't eat anything crunchy
so I thought I'd be nice and go to the grocery store and get her some ice cream.
WELL...I am less than a mile from the house and
a tree limb decides to fall off a tree onto my van just as I am going under it.
It's been raining for the last few days and I guess the old limb just
couldn't hold the weight of the wet moss anymore.
I could only swerve just so much as there was someone in the other lane,
and I sure didn't want a head on!!
See the nice dent and hole it left me!
I am NOT a Happy Camper!! :-(

Then I'm at the grocery store and I open the door of the stand up freezer to get the ice cream
 and THE half gallon I wanted was in such a hurry to come with me that it
THREW itself out of the freezer, hitting me hard on my shin bone!
I hadn't even TOUCHED it yet. I'll have a nice bruise there for sure!
So I carefully made my way back home, put the stuff away
and sat at my desk reading artsy blogs for the rest of the night.I figured I was pretty safe doing that unless I started heating up Melting Pots or Heat Guns.
Instead I indulged in a bowl of ice cream!

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Buttons said...

Oh boy have you been having an eventful time! Some gentle crafting may settle your nerves and the icecream would also be an essential. Sending you crafty hugs and wishes for better days ahead. Buttons x