Thursday, June 21, 2012

Compendium of Curiosities II

 Tissue Wrap Flower - Challenge 10

I ended up pushing the deadline right up to the very end this week.  Earlier this week I just wasn't feeling very I was just too tired in the evenings to dig out my inks and stamps.
So...I had no WOYWW shot yesterday, as it was still clean and tidy after picking up and putting away after last weeks playtime.

This week's challenge is Challenge #10 at Studio L3  the Tissue Wrap Flower and is found on page 37 of Tim Holtz's book (Compendium of Curiosities Volume II). will be giving a $25 gift certificate to their shop to one lucky randomly selected participant in this week's challenge!

The flower is actually pink and sparkly as I sprayed it with Pink Grapefruit Radiant Rain shimmering mist.  The center has Apricot mica flakes and as usual they didn't photograph very well. 

Here's a few Behind the Scenes shots....

Thursday, June 14, 2012

....waiting in line...

Waited this Waiting until September

Had a great time while I waited in line at She Scrapbooks this morning with a great bunch of
Tim Holtz Groupies. 
We were all signing up for classes with Tim in September. 
So now that we've signed up...we wait some more!

Oh and it wouldn't be complet without a picture of our bouncer.  Here's Chris making sure we knew what the rules were.  LOL it was a riot!!

Wednesday, June 13, 2012


What's on Your Workdesk Wednesday? - 158

So...What's on Your Workdesk this Wednesday? 
I just found this great site Stamping Ground where artists from all over share a link to what's on their workdesk on Wednesday!
You should check it if you like pages of yummy inspiration!!

My desk is actually fairly clean as I have just finished one project and had cleaned up a bit before starting the next one.  In the middle there's a tag that I just completed for Tim's 12 Tags of 2012 and some yummy postcards received this week from an exchange group I am in. 
What you can't see is that to the right of me is my heatgun along with stacks of inkpads and bottles of sprays.  To the left are stackable drawers that are filled with adhesives, stamps and trinkets.  I'm not even going to try and describe what is below my desk and behind me.  Maybe I'll share it someday when I get it a better organized.  LOL!!! 

Next up is to get my contribution to the postcard swap completed and in the mail.
As you can tell, I also share my workdesk with my cats.  I have to put their food up high to keep the dogs from scarfing it done! Momma' decided it was time to eat just as I got ready to take the picture. 
And since I share my desk with them most of the time even when I am work at it, I decided to leave her there.  She and her son Sneakers are usually my constant companions when I sit at my desk.

Tomorrow I am getting up early and driving to my local scrapbook store (which is about a half hour away) and waiting in line to register to take classes from Tim Holtz when he comes there in September.  I can't WAIT!!  I have a feeling I will have lots of crafty company while I stand in line!

Now I'm off to check out more fun blogs and see what everyone else has been up to this week!

Monday, June 11, 2012

12 Tags of 2012

June - Saartje

It was a stormy evening and thankfully I had finished all my laundry ealier in the day, so I decided to spend my evening at my art desk.

I've spent a few minutes each day for the last several days looking for JUST the right picture to use on my June tag for Tim Holtz's - 12 Tags of 2012.
I had even printed out a couple of photographs and attempted to tint them with the Distress Inkpad like Tim shows on his blog.
It just wasn't working for me.  No matter how I did it, it just looked so fake and definitely NOT what I was going for.

So today I decided to take the digital way out and used Lightroom and Photoshop
to tint the photo and now I'm a happy camper!
I tinted her dress a very pale pink and her hair a pale brown but I couldn't get the lighting right so that the pink would show up.
Again I am taking pictures late and night instead of the daytime and the light was bouncing off the photo paper making it hard to get it just right.
I used Vintage Photo and Wild Honey Distress Inks as the main inks on my tag and had fun digging out all my little Idea-ology trinkets.

This is a photograph of my grandmother Saartje (Sarah) Schepel in Haarlem in The Netherlands
when she was about 3 years old,
so I used the 3 on the tiny file tab.  She was born in 1899, and the photograph is from 1902.

I didn't have the tiny numbers - only the large size and since I already had her age on the file tab, I really didn't want another number.
So I dug in my stash of little charms and found a couple of hearts that went together.

The letters for her name were given to me my a co-worker and are very old gold stick-on letters.  I tinted them a bit with Vintage Photo and Wild Honey Distress Inks and for some reason they look
browner in the picture than they really are on the tag.  They really are a nice
muted but shiny gold, with the inks taking just the edge off the shine,
so they don't look out of place on the tag. 

Well it's late and I guess I better call it a night and get my late night chores done.  It's back to work again tomorrow.  Where oh where did this weekend go?


Saturday, June 09, 2012

Compendium of Curiosities II

 Pocket Watch - Challenge #9

 Pulled out my trinket boxes and had fun digging through them to find just the right things for Challenge #9 at Studio L3.
This week is the Pocket Watch and is found on page 35 of
Simon Says Stamp will be giving a $25 gift certificate to their shop to one lucky randomly selected participant in this week's challenge!

I found so many kewl things that I had a hard time deciding just which ones to use. I decided to go with a simple and elegant design for this one as I know I'll be making
several other tiny works of art so I can swap them out when I want something different.
I'll be putting it on a chain or pretty ribbon to wear as a necklace.

Be sure to check out Tim's book and see what fun stuff he does.
We will be working out way through the techniques in a random order chosen by
Linda at Studio L3 and we would love to have you join us!

As a side sister and I took a little road trip to
our local scrapbook store She Scrapbooks today. 
It is 30 minute drive and I wanted to check out its new location. 
Donna Downey was teaching classes there today, but I didn't find out in time to sign up.
I was hoping to meet her, but I got there on their lunch break and didn't really have the time to hang out for the few hours before the next class started. 
I'll have to pay attention and hopefully she will be back again soon!

I did pick up some Picket Fence Distress Stain which I can't get at my local Michaels or JoAnns and a couple other small things that I wanted to have on hand for upcoming challenges. 

Now my pile of goodies on my desk is calling me.
I still need to do my June tag for Tim's Tags of 2012 and
I'm itching to do Saturday's StepXStep at Frilly and Funkie
Hope everyone has a great evening!  I'm off to play! 

The Sky is Falling!!

What a way to end a day...

My oldest daughter has braces and can't eat anything crunchy
so I thought I'd be nice and go to the grocery store and get her some ice cream.
WELL...I am less than a mile from the house and
a tree limb decides to fall off a tree onto my van just as I am going under it.
It's been raining for the last few days and I guess the old limb just
couldn't hold the weight of the wet moss anymore.
I could only swerve just so much as there was someone in the other lane,
and I sure didn't want a head on!!
See the nice dent and hole it left me!
I am NOT a Happy Camper!! :-(

Then I'm at the grocery store and I open the door of the stand up freezer to get the ice cream
 and THE half gallon I wanted was in such a hurry to come with me that it
THREW itself out of the freezer, hitting me hard on my shin bone!
I hadn't even TOUCHED it yet. I'll have a nice bruise there for sure!
So I carefully made my way back home, put the stuff away
and sat at my desk reading artsy blogs for the rest of the night.I figured I was pretty safe doing that unless I started heating up Melting Pots or Heat Guns.
Instead I indulged in a bowl of ice cream!

Wednesday, June 06, 2012

Compendium of Curiosities II

Repurposed Packaging - Challenge #8

Finally had a chance to have a go at Week 8's Challenge at Studio L3.  It is is called Repurposed Packaging and is found on page 62 of Tim Holtz's book
 (Compendium of Curiosities Volume II).

I can't say that I'm really fond of it...but I did manage to work my way through it. 
I don't really care for plasticy (is that even a word?) stuff, so I found it a bit of a challenge.  
I probably should have gone with a more organic look with paper packaging, old twine, etc...but I was really making an effort to try out his method.  Hey we don't learn if we don't try do we? we go.   I really should quit photographing in low light...but by the time I get done in the evening, I'm limited to the low light here in my house.