Saturday, July 25, 2015

ICAD #13

Blueberry and Plum

I am so far behind on my ICAD prompts but I keep plugging along.  
I had to think about this one a bit to decide if I wanted to to go with realistic blueberries, or just use the color reference.
Since I had just recently picked blueberries and have three nice big containers in my freezer, I decided to go with realistic style blueberries with a hint of a plum.
LOVE blueberries! YUM!

I am new to watercolor and I'm just finding my way as I go.
This was my first time using my Holbein Watercolors.
I have the tube paints and I put a bit of each of them in a travel palette and let them dry...and worked from there.

They are SO rich in color.  It only took a tiny bit of color and it went a long way!
They definitely have a bit of a learning curve.

Blueberries and Plum

Here are a few step-out photos of the process...

I drew my sketch lightly and then masked off the stems
I used Compose Blue, Colbalt Blue, Prussian Blue and Mineral Violet for the  blueberries.

The leaves were painted with a Yellow Green and Yellow Ochre and Terre Verte.

Close-up of Blueberries and Leaves

I used a piece of a credit card to scrape the veins into the leaves and let the watercolor pool in the scratches.

Once I removed the masking fluid I painted in the stems and gave the background some additional color and a  bit more detail to the blueberries....

and the finished card!
Blueberries and Plum


Vicki said...

Love this card. I immediately grabbed my water color brushes and gave it a try. Need lots of practice. Yours are wonderful

Donna Lueders said...

Love your blueberries and your instructions are great. Thanks for sharing.

Suzy800 said...

This is beautiful! I struggle with water color and really need to just sit and practice with them. Thank you for the process pictures! I may give your tutorial a try!

Shelly Schmidt said...

I just love this beautiful painting- you look like you have some good experience with Watercolor. I love the colors you used in combo too. Do you put masking fluid on after painting the blueberries so they do not get muddy from the background???

Marion Armitage said...

YOur painting is so realistic.. Love your blueberries.. and the background is so suttle. Beautiful

Anna said...

Thank you everyone! I'm just beginning in watercolors but I am loving it! Shelley I only used masking fluid on the stems. I let everything dry before putting in the background, and I pre-wet the paper just up to the edge of the blueberries and them dropped and painted my colors into the background. They will stay just where you put the water and you can carefully brush right up to the edge of the blueberries and leaves.

Sandee Setliff said...

We are going to have so much doing our watercolors, I can't hardly wait!!