Saturday, April 06, 2013

Gelli Plate Fun!

Saturday Morning Gelli Time!

Took some time this morning to play with my Gelli Plate by Gelli Arts.  Boy was that fun!  Time slipped away as I layered paint and pulled print after print from the plate.
I had started out the morning with a headache...and somewhere along the way I realized it was gone!  Gelli Printing worked better than a pain pill!!

Here are just a few of the prints I pulled.  I played in all kinds of colors...but I did realize I need to make or buy a lot more stencils.  You'll notice a few Eiffel Tower and pig prints in the mix.  My youngest daughter loves purple, pigs and the Eiffel Tower, so we have decided to do some artwork and to write a children's book with illustrations called Purple Pig in Paris.  I cut the pig stencil and the Eiffel Tower stencil and these are my first attempts at putting them together...still have some more stencils to cut and planning to do before we do the final prints.

Just another shot of some of the prints I pulled.  I've got some that are done, but still have quite a few that will go back on the Gelli Plate for more layers when I get it out again.

Playing in pink and purple...and a bit of pale blue.

Going BOLD with red and black.  This is not my usual color scheme...but look how fun they turned out!! I LIKE!

Just a little close up of an Eiffel Tower page with blue, white and gold.

I lost track of layers here...and actually this piece ended up with more layers before I finished.  I THINK...I kind of lost track.  LOL!!

These are just a few first step shots from my Purple Pig in Paris project.

Just a few Behind the Scenes type shots.  The upper left pictures shows just a few of the paints I used and the bottom left shows my stencils going in to soak.  I need to have my son pull down my big paper making tub from the shelf so I can lay them flat in the water rather than having to flip them on their ends. (I'm a little bit vertically challenged, so it's nice to have a nice and tall son to get things down for me.)
The last time I played in my paints it was my hair that wore paint and gesso.  This time my poor cabinets took all the splatter...(insert sad face here) I've got to figure out how to get dried acrylic off of them.  Oh well...they are for art supplies after all.

Well, it's off to help my son get ready for the Prom!  Gotta get the camera ready!
Hope everyone has a wonderful art filled weekend!


Von said...

OMGosh -- love the Pigs in Paris idea!!! Your pages are so awesome - love all the textures and depth you got with your gelli plate! Nicely done Anna!

Sandy said...

Wow look at all the prints look like you both had lots of fun..
Sandy :)

Sena said...

Looks like fun! I love my gelli plate, I can get lost for hours playing with it :) I used lysol wipes to get the paint splatter off my desk (and floor, whoops! ) so that might work for you too! Take care!

Teresa Abajo said...

Hi Anna,
Thanks for visiting my blog over the weekend for the 100Proof Press/Genuinely Jane Studios blog hop. I've chosen you as the winner of the stamp! Please contact me: spotty(at) with your email address so we can get your stamp out to you.
Thanks again!

butterfly said...

Lots of messy fun, and gorgeous results!
Alison x

Sandra said...

Totally Agree 100%... Gelli printing is better then any medicine for healing your pain. Art does SAVE!!!
Loved viewing your Gelli prints - looks like total fun. Can't wait to take time to explore more of your blog site. I love the design theme.
Sandra :)

Sandra said...
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Sandra said...
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Carolyn Dube said...

What a fun way to use the Gelli prints- to make a book with your daughter! Your prints are wonderful! Glad you shared this with the party!

Lynne K said...

Gorgeous prints, Anna! Thanks very much for your lovely comment on my blog. Great idea to scan your prints! Must remember to do it next time I get a good one!