Sunday, August 17, 2014

Pear Studies in Acrylic

Pear Studies #1 and #2

My poor, poor neglected blog.  It's been so very long and I should hang my head in shame. 
My only excuse is that is has been a very busy couple of months...
I know...I know...that isn't any excuse.

All is fine on the home front, summer break is over 
and my youngest heads back to school for her Senior year tomorrow
and hopefully I won't neglect my little blog.

At least I've been able to carve out some time at my art desk, 
although I haven't blogged about it.

This week I pulled out my acrylics and did a couple of Pear Studies.
It all started with a YouTube video that I watched
by Bob Burridge on the Cheap Joe's YouTube channel

Then Betty Franks, Mystic Tulip Mixed Media posted some Pear Studies
that she had painted following his video.  She posted a couple of videos of her own
explaining how she created one of her little paintings.

...after that I just had to paint some pears of my own!
Here are the first two.
Can't wait to pull out my acrylics and do some more...these pears can be addicting!


Sandy said...

Anna Love the look you got on the pears,these are awesome, so have to try this. I went off to your first link what fun this looks to do..
Thanks for the links..
Sandy :)

Betty Franks, Mystic Tulip Art said...

Love your pear study Anna! Outstanding and beautiful pears! As for neglecting your blog, don't feel bad. Life is busy. I have yet to start one. Maybe this winter when life slows down a little for me.

Also, thanks so much for the shout out! I really appreciate it!

Hugs, Betty

Classygirl said...

Anna your pears are amazing. Love the colors and shadows. Great job.

TwinkleToes2day said...

Wow Whee Anna!! Your pears are beautiful. The colours you got on there are so pretty. I am desperate to try this, I've been watching Betty for ages and Love what she does. I hope that now Wee Man is back to school I may get some serious art time on the books ;) Mo x
oh dear, just heard him sneezing several times in his sleep. I do hope a cold isn't on the cards

froebelsternchen Susi said...

Those are AMAZING!