Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Creative Chemistry 101 - Day 8

Day 8

Finally got a chance to dabble in my inks again tonight, so I decided to work on Day 8. Please forgive the grainy photo, as I used my iPhone.  My good camera is in the bedroom and hubby is asleep and I didn't want to go rumaging around in my camera bag in the dark.

I'm limited in Distress Stain colors, so had to go with what I had.  The local JoAnn's only carries a total of 6 colors, most of which are pretty dark.  I'll have to go shopping on line if I want anything lighter.

For the first one with the Paint Dabber Resist technique I didn't have any sticky back canvas or Paint Dabbers, so I used white acrylic paint and worked directly on the tag.  I think it really loses something in the translation.  I really need to try this one over again.  Maybe this weekend I'll dig out my USArtQuest canvas and give it a try on that...although it is not sticky backed, it should work better than the paper tag!  This one is my least favorite of the three I did.

I'm liking the Crackle Paint Resist one even though it is the darkest of the three.  Because it turned out so dark, the background stamping really didn't show, so I grabbed some black rub-ons  to layer on top and I'm really liking the white ones, especially after I aged them a bit with vintage photo Distress Ink.

I like that Shattered Stains look on the butterflies on the third tag, but I think next time I need to go a bit thicker on the Rock Candy Crackle.  I thought I was putting as much as he showed, but the crackles ended up being tiny and the layer looking a lot thinner than I thought...so this one is one I'll try again.  I ended up with darker butterflies rather than bright due to the color of stains I have, but I still like the effect.  I didn't have any kraft tags, and didn't feel like digging out my kraft cardstock and cutting one, so I decided to ink up a tag.  I only have about a dozen or so colors of Distress Ink, half of which are browns and black soot.  (Again, this is a local supply issue...) so I dug out my Marvy Matchables of which I have about 30 different colors and used them along with my Distress Inks.  The Marvy Matchables don't seem to blend as well as the Distress Inks with the blending foam, but my stippling brushes were handy, so I pulled them out and used them.

Well my hands are all inky now, just in time for my Board meeting at work tomorrow.  LOL! They have such pretty brown and red tips!  I've scrubbed them with my ink scrubber, but my hands have been a bit dry these last few days, so the ink soaked in nicely.  Ahhh well, I'll give them another scrub in the morning. 

Busy couple of days coming up, so it will probably Sunday before I get to play again.  Board meeting tomorrow night....off to see a friend play and sing on Thursday evening as Leesburg's Bike Week ramps up.  We've got several friends in local bands and we will be going to see them play and going out on the motorcycle enjoyiing the wonderful weather we are having!

Well, it's off to read Blogs and relax a bit before calling it a night...can't wait to see what others have been up to today!


Peg Robinson said...

Love them all.

Jassy said...

I think they are great!