Friday, March 30, 2012

Day Three of Creative Chemistry

Woot Woot!!
I finally got time to play!! I finished Day 3 and I am hoping to start of Day 4 before I run out of steam tonigth.
This was fun tonight, as it got me digging in my stash of inks. It's been a long time since I pulled out my Archival Inks! In fact, some of them I've had for more than 10 years as you can tell by the labeling and the hinged casing! Most of them didn't even need re-inking even though I have some bottles of the re-inkers too.
Here's a shot of PART of the pile I had on my desk when I got through. I've managed to put most of it away, and started pulling out what I need for Day although this mess it gone, it's been replaced with another one. So now I'm off to play again!

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My name is Cindy said...

This is what I like about doing Tim's challenges, they force me to look at all of my stash and not just the favourites. Especially like your two outside tags - lush!