Friday, March 02, 2007

...just Florida sites and wildlife

The near full moon was looked so neat in the evening sky a couple of days ago. I snagged this one about 5pm as I walked out to my car after work. I just liked the way it looked between the tall palms.

Drove by one of my favorite bird hangouts on my way back from lunch today. These cormorants were just hanging out. There were 4 in a row when I drove up ...but of COURSE one had to hop down into the water before I could fire off a shot. The others hung around long enough for me to grab a couple shots and then they all starting hopping down into the water until they left one lone fella on the dock.

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deeya said...

Great shots.. I love that one of the cormorants on the pier... and the one by itself I still say looks like a seal... :)