Sunday, August 17, 2014

Pear Studies in Acrylic

Pear Studies #1 and #2

My poor, poor neglected blog.  It's been so very long and I should hang my head in shame. 
My only excuse is that is has been a very busy couple of months...
I know...I know...that isn't any excuse.

All is fine on the home front, summer break is over 
and my youngest heads back to school for her Senior year tomorrow
and hopefully I won't neglect my little blog.

At least I've been able to carve out some time at my art desk, 
although I haven't blogged about it.

This week I pulled out my acrylics and did a couple of Pear Studies.
It all started with a YouTube video that I watched
by Bob Burridge on the Cheap Joe's YouTube channel

Then Betty Franks, Mystic Tulip Mixed Media posted some Pear Studies
that she had painted following his video.  She posted a couple of videos of her own
explaining how she created one of her little paintings.

...after that I just had to paint some pears of my own!
Here are the first two.
Can't wait to pull out my acrylics and do some more...these pears can be addicting!