Monday, April 20, 2015

Watercolor Play

I was inspired by CeeCee's latest post to play with watercolor crayons.  I don't have any caran d'ache  watercolor crayons, so I used my Staedtler watercolor crayons. I was enjoying the process so much that I got a little carried away with the watercolor, but Hey I like it!!
I really should learn to leave more white space though.  

I do have to say that my carpal tunnel gave me a fit drawing all those little lines, but I pushed on through it and I have big fat flowers.  
I did use  a golden Twinkling H2O's to add the metallic highlights.  You can't see it very well in the picture, but I can see it on my page and it gives just the right amount of glimmer.
I'm not too keen on my lettering.  I should have just left like it was when I first wrote it and not tried to darken it.  Oh well, next time.
I think I'm going to try this technique out with a few of my other mediums, like my Gelatos and Portfolios and my Twinkling H2O's to see how each of them turn out.